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Cash Monitoring

Insolvency Resolution under
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016


Risk Based Audits

Forensic Audits

Due Diligence


Transfer Pricing

International Taxation

Our firm, Desai Saksena & Associates, Chartered Accountants, was established in 1984 with the aim to alloy a perfect blend of professionalism with ambitious standards of service, in our pursuit of excellence. We consistently adhere to our values and our mission, of adding value to every responsibility endowed upon us. We are a business based on knowledge and are dedicated to continuously improving our performance. Since its inception, DSA has been rendering comprehensive professional services in tune with the ever-changing professional, legal, and economic environment.

We provide flawless professional services through our team of adept and motivated personnel, who are dedicated to achieving and exceed client expectations. We maintain a high standard of professional ethics and ensure regulatory compliance.

Here at DSA, we always keep our fingers on the beat of the Accounting, Taxation, Financial Valuation, and Legal world and continuously strive to translate complex information into critical knowledge for our clients. Our clients are our only barometers of success and they must hold us to the highest standards of excellence. We dedicate nothing short of our best, and we pledge to continually bring innovative approaches with the passion, drive, listening skills and commitment that are vital to succeed in today's environment. The values of DSA are focused on ensuring client satisfaction through personalized and efficient quality services.