We provide flawless professional services through our team of adept and motivated personnel, who are dedicated to achieving and exceeding client expectations. We maintain a high standard of professional ethics and ensure regulatory compliance.

Audit :

  • We, at DSA, provide audit and assurance related services to complement our financial advisory services. We give prominence to the independence of the audit and assurance related services we provide, as required by the law. Audit and assurance are not restricted only to the financial statements, it goes beyond. We help the clients to meet the statutory, regulatory as well as the complex market requirements by providing valuable suggestions and recommendations throughout the year.
  • We provide audit and assurance services for medium to large listed as well as unlisted companies, proprietary and family businesses and not-for-profit organizations spread across the sectors.
  • We provide the following Audit and Assurance Services:
    • Statutory Audits
    • Internal Audits
    • Concurrent Audits
    • Bank Audits
    • Stock and Receivable Audits
    • Pre – Audit of Expenses
    • CAG Audits
    • Special Audits
    • Advise on Regulatory Reporting Requirements
    • Financial Advisory Services
    • Compliances and Reporting

Risk Based Audits:

  • Risk based Audit is a method which focuses on the fundamental risk involved in the activities or systems and provides assurance that risk is being managed by the management within the defined risk appetite level. It is the risk management agenda of the management. Risk - based Audits seek at every stage to boost the responsibility of management for managing the risk. Risk Appetite is the amount of risk that an entity, on a broad level, is willing to accept within its overall capacity. It provides the tolerance level of acceptable risk. Determining the risk appetite is a endless process that cannot be set once and left.
  • We, at DSA, undertakes Risk - based Audits on behalf of our clients to determine the risk involved in the activities carried out or the systems in place and assure that the amount of risk is within the tolerance level which an entity can accept.

Forensic Audits:

  • Forensic audit is the critical evaluation of an entity's state of affairs to determine existence of fraud, manipulation, embezzlement, etc. It is a process of reviewing a person's or company's financial statements to determine if they are accurate and in compliance of laws including the accounting standards.
  • At DSA, we render comprehensive forensic audit services mainly to the Consortium of Lenders proposing restructuring of a Company which is suspected of fraud and other wrong-doings resulting into the Company's account becoming NPA. Having conducted the forensic audits of some of the well-known companies of our country from diverse industries has given us a leading edge in conducting the forensic audit effectively, efficiently and in a time bound manner.


  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are intended as a shared universal language for business matters. They are the rules to be followed by accountants to maintain books of accounts which are comprehensive, comparable, reliable, and relevant across international frontiers depending on the intended users. DSA provides clients with a comprehensive set of advisory and assistance in conversion/ reconciliation of financials from Indian GAAP to IFRS or US GAAP. DSA also provides comprehensive training to the client's workforce to help implement the transition to IFRS/ US GAAP smoothly.